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Yarn doings + quibbly ethics

I finished a hat to go with my neckwarmer from last week. Go here to see.

I have a faux fur coat. I've had it for almost two years, but I've never worn it. I worry that people will think it's real fur and that I am a terrible person. Number one, I can only see using real fur if you are an Inuit and have a need to wear real fur. Number two, I couldn't afford a real fur coat, even if it didn't bother me about the ethics of it.

So my excuse for almost two years had been that one of the buttons had come off, and it required a thread shank to put it back on. I'd never done one of those and dithered about doing it. I even considered asking the dry cleaners to put the button on for me. However, I finally was able to fix the coat myself and strengthened the other thread shanks while I was at it.

Now I have no excuse for not wearing it. I'll probably ease into it. It's a cool coat: it's reversible. The non-"fur" side is a storm coat, khaki-coloured. I am going to crochet a hat to go with *that* side of the coat. It's this pattern, on the Lion Brand site (if you can't get there, go to Lion Brand, then search for Copper Tam). I am going to use Chocolate Fun Fur instead of Copper.

I think I've homed in on a slightly more snazzy hat pattern for the "fur" side of the coat. That's going to take a bit longer, as it's knitted.

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