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A peaceful thing; and an upsetting thing

Bunnicula and Cat'r went to Jane's funeral today. I do not travel well, so I stayed at home. It was a simple ceremony. B. took flowers (a beautiful bouquet of white lilies and some kind of tiny purple flowers made by Del Apgar) and laid them on the casket. He also said some nice words about Jane. :-) It was a good peaceful rounding out of things.

On the upsetting side: we had not heard from Monk for a while. I phoned several times last week, leaving messages on his voicemail. He always returns calls. He didn't this time. I was worried, as he has MS, and he lives alone in a two-story house.

I don't know any of his friends or relatives anymore--the ones I knew are dead, so I started by phoning hospitals. Not there. I decided to try the Masons, as Monk is one. I found the main site online for our area. I phoned, and they were able to give me the lodge name and number of the one Monk belongs to plus the name and phone number of the secretary of that lodge. I left a message on his voicemail.

Then I looked over the website a bit more. There were copies of back newsletters. In one for Spring 2007 Monk's name was listed in the hospitalized section, with the address of where he was. It was the name of a nursing home/rehab center he had been at before. I phoned, and they said he would call back...but that someone would have to dial for him.

He/they phoned about an hour or so later. It turns out that in the Spring, Monk lost his balance in the shower (even though he was using a shower stool to sit on}, grabbed for the bar on the wall and got his hand and arm stuck between the wall and the bar. He couldn't reach his cell phone that is set to 911. It was a Sunday morning. He was stuck like that for 22 hours. The next day someone found him, and he was taken to hospital. They *thought* that he was going to lose his entire left arm; but instead it was his left hand. He said he now has a hook there. This is especially upsetting to hear if one knew him in earlier years. He was an incredibly talented classical and flamenco guitarist. I just have to remember that in the last ten or so years, he'd lost most of the use of his hands due to MS. But still.

Anyway, at least Monk is still alive (which I was afraid he was not). I need to make a card and get it out to him tomorrow. And I need to phone him again soon (he said I could).

What a day, what a day...

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