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The rest of the holiday weekend

Sunday night: well, the WEBN/Riverfest fireworks were very disappointing this year. At least we thought so.

A different TV station was given the rights to the coverage this year, and it was just about as bad as the first year or so when they originally started *having* the fireworks--30 years ago! Rozzi fireworks are something wonderful to behold, but the camera angles (or lack thereof) made this a disappointing and aggravating display to watch ("no! no! go back to the other camera!").

I thought the soundtrack was even more disjointed this year than usual; Bunnicula thought it was waaaay too political (it being broadcast to all the US troops around the world). At least the last few minutes (of about 1/2 hour of fireworks) was inspiring: they used some of Ferde Grofe's "Grand Canyon Suite", which combined with the towering fireworks was just gorgeous.

So that was the rest of Sunday.

Monday...lemme see. Cat'r finished reading the alternative history-murder mystery Farthing to me. Very tense, very good! As he read to me, I finished crocheting a keyhole scarf and worked some on the diagonal scarf I had started knitting on Saturday. Besides that, we played some games and had a nice relaxing day.

Whoa, I'm tired. I can't recall anything else. Just a very nice weekend all in all. :-)

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