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Holiday weekend so far

Friday evening we went to Michaels (beads and yarn--yay!) and then Fresh Market. We don't get any of our perishables at the supermarkets anymore--both stores near us have been very very lax in making sure food is fresh/safe/wholesome.

Saturday I found that the optometrist's office had ordered frames for me that wouldn't fit me right after all, so they are going to order smaller (children's!) frames for me. I forgot that's what I had gotten last time. After we left the optometrist's office, we went to the library, where I renewed my card. Then on to my favourite local/nearby bookstore. There I found a pretty set of bridge cards (nice size for small mousie hands, err, paws) and several CDs plus the Loreena McKennitt double CD+DVD set, "Nights from the Alhambra".

In the afternoon I started knitting a diagonal scarf from this lovely variegated yarn I got Friday night called Embers (yes! the last of the fire of summer! Come, Autumn!). It's a new yarn for me: Red Heart Soft Yarn--definitely soft and drapey and yummy! I'm planning on knitting a matching hat and wrist warmers from this.

We have been playing board games and card games too, as is usual for us. Boy, I need to practice a LOT more on cribbage!

Sometime yesterday (Saturday) Cat'r and I listened to the new Suzanne Vega CD, "Beauty & Crime". I love it!

Today was a nice slow comfortable Sunday morning. Then we played a game or so, followed by a wonderful anime movie called, "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time." Romantic, delightful! Then lunchtime, another game or two; then we watched "March of the Penguins". It was beautiful, tense, and wonderful!

It's almost time for the Riverfest Fireworks--the unofficial End of Summer! Yay!

Cat'r has tomorrow off, so he'll be here an extra day--yayayayayay! :-)

I haven't been on the computer much at ALL; so if I owe you an email or a Wii address (you know who you are!), it'll probably be Tuesday before I get to you. :-)


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Sep. 3rd, 2007 12:58 pm (UTC)
You *are* a tiny mouse if you have to wear children's frames!

Glad you're having a good weekend!
Sep. 6th, 2007 01:36 am (UTC)
Heh. Well, I guess I am kinda small. :-P

The rest of the weekend went pretty well too. Hope yours was nice. :-)
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