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What a great weekend!

Cat'r got here around 3pm on Friday. After he got his stuff stowed, we all played a game called "Relationship Tightrope", a humorous trick-taking card game.

I know I'm not going to get things in strict order of when they happened, so I'll just list things as best I can recall.

I think then is when Cat'r and Bunnicula went to Fresh Market for meats, cheese, produce.

Still Friday around 8:30pm (when it was finally a bit cooler) we went out to Target, where I bought the aforementioned Constantine CD, plus the newest Joan Osborne CD, "Breakfast in Bed". I also got a CD of Elvis #1 Hits and the DVD of Elvis' '68 Comeback Special.

Saturday: we went to the Oakley Antique Mall, where I got a locket, some religious medals, and a cheap bead necklace. It was uncomfortably warm in there, so I didn't want to spend much time looking. B. got some WWII-related stuff.

Back home, we played a wonderful auction/bidding board game that we like a lot called "Ra". The artwork is beautiful, and the game is FUN! I came in a distant third, but I still had a good time. :-)

I think at this point the guys went to get the groceries (non-perishable). We try not to buy any perishables at Kroger or Bigg's anymore, as they seem to not care about the food being fresh or even *safe*. Moldy lemons, disgusting leprous lunchmeat, etc. Ugh.

I think later that evening we played Royal Hearts (special deck), which is Hearts, but with some added helpful and (more) harmful queens! The Queen of Spades is worth 26 points instead of the usual 13!! I love Hearts! I forget the score...either B. or I won.

Later that night I watched Cat'r played some Persona 3 for the PlayStation2--pretty neat!

Sunday morning was nice and relaxing. Around noon we played Royal Hearts again (because I just *wanted* to!). I won. :-P Then we played a cute little racing board game called "Igel Aergern" ("Hedgehogs in a Hurry" is the English interpretation). More strategy to it than it looks at first!

Lunch occurred in there somewhere, after which I got sleepy. While I lounged on the bed, Cat'r read to me from the book Farthing, a murder mystery he's been reading to me for a while. It's set in an alternative England, if England had made a truce with Nazi Germany. Very interesting!

After that I was a little more awake and ready for more gaming. Now I can't recall if we played "Igel Aergern" before or after lunch...Oh well, no matter. Anyway, our next/last game of the day was a beautiful board game called "Yspahan", which is an economic-type game--marketplaces, caravans, etc. Sounds dull but it wasn't at all! Cat'r and I both wished it was a bit longer. B. is reserving judgment on it until we try it again. I was surprised I won, as my brain was falling out when Cat'r read all the rules. I thought, "I'll just get through this the best I can." But I started to catch on as we actually played--fun!

Dinnertime, and the guys watched an episode of "Stargate".

Then it was time for Cat'r to drive back to his job-city. ::sigh:: I miss him already. :-( I'll be glad when he's back up here next weekend!

But we had a full, fun weekend. :-)

ETA: I forgot! We watched the last couple episodes of Hell's Kitchen Saturday night and then Sunday late morning. What a satisfying ending! I was so happy XXXX won! :-)


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Aug. 21st, 2007 12:24 am (UTC)
Sounds like an awesome weekend :)
Aug. 21st, 2007 02:35 am (UTC)
Yeah, it was! :-)
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