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Games, PDA, beads, etc.

Nice day so far!

Cat'r and Bunnicula went out for breakfast this a.m. and went to a game store on the way home. B. got me a copy of Power Yahtzee. He knows I like Yahtzee, so this was a nice present. You can play it solo too! :-)

I've been researching and think I've found what I'm going to get: a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet PC. What I want is something to surf the Web with, answer email, post to groups I'm in, post to LiveJournal, and is small and very lightweight. Looks nice!

Late this morning when we all went out it was nice: mild temperature (it was in the 70's) and cloudy-ish (my kind o' weather!). This is going to be about the only day that would be nice for mice to go out. As one of our local TV stations' weather email update said, "Back into the broiler" starting tomorrow.

Cat'r took us to the bead store. :-) The lady who helped me with things is the manager of their other store in town. She helped me figure out how to lengthen this one bracelet I had made from one of their kits (what beads I could use to add just a *tiny* bit of length). I mentioned I wasn't good at designing bracelets; and she said that if I could find one bead I liked, she could help me design a bracelet around it. Well I ended up finding several beads for THREE bracelets: two rosary/prayer bead bracelets (one purple and one a sky-blue) and one red-orange-yellow summertime bracelet. I had a lot of fun co-creating these. :-) She also explained things about various brands and gauges of wire, what to do to keep silver from tarnishing, and all kinds of other useful information. Oh, in addition I bought two more of their bracelet kits besides the three bracelets we designed.

Then we stopped by the gas station (heh--it has a very nice convenience store/"cafe" attached to it) where we picked up sandwiches. Home again.

After lunch we all played a really neat auction/bidding/tile-laying board game Cat'r had gotten this morning called "Ra". It's very beautiful, and it was fun!

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