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Urgh. Decluttering.

What a lot of work! We've lived in this apartment for 24 years and in this complex for a total of 27 years. We've accumulated a TON of stuff.

Today the landlord brought maintenance men to measure the windows. They are going to install thermal windows in the entire complex. I'm not sure how soon this will happen.

We have to get rid of a huge tall bookcase we have against one panel of windows here in my computer room. The maintenance men had a terrible time trying to even *get* to the window today to measure it. So Bunnicula and I started going through things today after they left. A lot is going to Goodwill tomorrow. Much much more will go in the next days.

Bunnicula is going to get me a small bookcase about windowsill height (and easily moveable) for me to put the phone on and a couple other things I need at hand that I now put on one of the many shelves of this massive thing next to me.

I'm going to have to get rid of old computer programs and games. I mean OLD. There is no time to see about selling on eBay. We need this stuff out of the house ASAP.

So I am resting at the moment before we get back to it again a little later.

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