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At least everything is back on now :-)

We were without power last night for four hours. Well, we expected it. Late yesterday afternoon Bunnicula thought he would try to walk up to the Square. He got to the end of the driveway, heard a terribly loud CRACK and saw a huge tree limb fall in a yard across the street. He decided to come back in--wise choice! Last night (when the winds picked up after the ice had been coating everything) we kept having the lights flicker. At one point B. saw a flash, we heard another CRACK (thinking back...almost like a gunshot?), and the lights flickered. Scary. So I went to bed with the thought that we'd probably lose power.

At 11:43pm the power went off.

When I phoned Duke Energy (our power company now--they are based in North Carolina?!?) to report the outage, they said that there were 100,000 customers without power because of the ice storm, and that it might take a day or two for the power to come back on. Eeeeeek! I was worried about how to keep warm, losing all the food in the refrigerator, and if our neighbours might be stupid in their choices on how to stay warm (and possibly endanger us all).

But fortunately none of those worries came to pass. We have a nice Coleman lantern (battery-operated) which even has a low night-light mode, which I left on in the kitchen. Bunnicula woke me up about 3:50am and told me the power was back. The light on the stove said 12:15am, so I guess the power had been back on for 15 minutes before he woke up and noticed it.

The fridge temps were acceptable, and I just let it run for about 1/2 hour before opening it again.

The bedroom stayed warm, which was good. :-)

The cable was still out as of 7am, though--no TV and no Internet. The cable company was only accepting phone calls reporting dangerous downed cable lines. The recording said that they were working to restore the cable as soon as they could.

I went back to sleep from 7:30am to about 11:30am. Bunnicula had already been up for some time, and he said that the cable was back just fine and so was the cable modem. And no problem with needing to reboot the router. :-)

Now we just have cold cold temps to deal with again. I sure do not like ice storms. :-/


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Feb. 14th, 2007 07:43 pm (UTC)
Ice storms are a pain, aren't they? I'm glad you didn't suffer too badly and that everything is back on now!
Feb. 15th, 2007 02:37 am (UTC)
Well, let's hope that no more branches come down. It's not going to warm up anytime soon, so the ice is likely to stay where it is. Eep!
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