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The weekend so far...

Saturday: My camera memory card was FULL so I copied all those photos over onto my hard drive. Then Cat'r had to help me get them burned onto a DVD (Windows was not cooperating, so we had to use a program that came with my Acer computer to do that).

I finished Teddy's Busted-Double-Crochet Scarf in the early morning, so he would be ready for light-viewing in the evening.

I did a little cooking.

Cat'r and I watched the movie "Superman Returns" (rented from our friendly neighbourhood supermarket) in the afternoon--it was WONDERFUL!! I gotta get my own copy!

In the evening Cat'r took Bunnicula, Teddy, and me out to look at Christmas lights. I guess the best was the 1/2 block on this one street where everyone seemed to be competing for the most lights per house/yard. In one yard in the 1/2 block was a 15-foot-tall-made-of-lights reindeer! That was so neat! We even drove by that block two times. :-P

I pooped out and went to bed around 9pm.

Sunday so far: Breakfast. Online a little. The weather forecasters can't decide WHAT kind of weather we are having for Christmas. I hope hope HOPE it's SNOW!

Cat'r and I played several rounds of a card game called King's Blood (like UNO, sorta, but with gorgeous anime artwork!). Then while I wrapped presents, Cat'r and Bunnicula played Fearsome Floors. Maybe monsters?

We've been listening to holiday music off and on and singing too. :-P

I think next up is some kind of game. Then we are all going to watch a live-action movie of Terry Pratchett's "Hogfather"!!!! Woohoo! I LOVED that book!

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