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Our little Fourth of July

We didn't do much this year, since Cat'r didn't get Monday off (it would be silly to drive back down there Sunday evening, up here again Monday evening, then back down tonight).

Bunnicula and I watched the first episode of a BBC production of "Our Mutual Friend" (Charles Dickens) yesterday, then watched the other three episodes late this afternoon and evening. We finished by watching a documentary about Dickens' London.

By then it was about 9:30pm. We could hear lots of fireworks going off, so we went out to see what we could see. We *heard* a lot and saw flashes of light along the horizon in almost every direction! Once in a while we would see something sparkly soar above the treetops briefly. Then B. remembered we had some sparklers in the storage bin in the basement. He got those and matches, and we had those to wave around in the semi-dark. :-) It *was* nice being "a part of it all", with all the sounds and flashes going off all over the neighbourhood. AND it was nice and damp and cool out! We have been having rain and storms off and on all day.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. :-)

ETA: Here is a bit more in CountryMouse's Diary.

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