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Hurry hurry!

It's 81oF. today--yow! Tooo warm! However a cold front is on the way, and things will get rainy and much cooler in the next day or so. So I was thinking, "What hat and scarf set do I have to go with my dark green water-repellant mid-weight jacket/coat-with-hood?" (not in all those words. I just thought, "What do I have to go with my green coat?!?"). NADA. Well, I need a matching scarf to go with my City Lights hat. But I wanted something fast and with more BAM!

So I am crocheting a hat from one skein of Knitpicks Crayon (orange)--a kinda nubbly cotton yarn. I'm going to make a crocheted or knitted (prolly crochet because it's faster, unless I absolutely can't see my stitches) scarf from Moda Dea Fur Sure (Way Orange), of which I have one skein. I plan on trimming the hat in a little of this also. The scarf is going to be more a muffler: I'm going to make it not-too-skinny and not-very-long, as I want to wear it under my coat, not on the outside.

Anyway, I am here in my room on the computer at the moment (and not crocheting) because Bunnicula is putting the plastic up to the bedroom window right now. I took a look at the weather for the next 10-15 days (late last night) and said, "Today is the last good warm day we are going to have to do the winterizing on the windows!" So he's doing that job today.

Anyway, gonna read email; then as soon as he's finished in the bedroom, back to crocheting! :-)

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