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New Year's shoppin'

Yesterday (yes, New Year's Day!) we went to Toys R Us and got stuff. :-P Bunnicula got some Winx Club and Bratz things for hirself; we got "Mulan" and "The Triplets of Belleville" on DVD; I got some Hello Kitty rubber stamps, a FurReal Luv Cub bear (a cute little panda--I haven't played with it yet), and a little portable Lite Brite box. :-P

Then we went to GameStop and got a slew of used games! I got "Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life". I forget what the guys got. :-D I think there is a Crash Bandicoot racing game in there somewhere though. :-D Oh, Cat'r got "Silent Hill 3" and "Clock Tower 3" and something else.

So today we continued our spree (which included using gift certificates): we went to our favourite bookstore. We ate at the cafe, and then we shopped. Bunnicula got lots of manga, some books, and a best-of Cirque Du Soleil CD. I got some crochet books and magazines, a nice spiritual book called One Heart: Universal Wisdom from the World's Scriptures, and two CDs ("Eastern Energy" - Twelve Girls Band; and "Miracle" - Celine Dion). Cat'r got a couple books and Lemony Snicket's Calendar of Unfortunate Events (13 alarming months!).

Bunnicula says that was our New Year's blowout. Whew! :-)


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Jan. 3rd, 2005 04:22 am (UTC)
Eeeeeee! Harvest Moon!!!! I predict we will be seeing less of the mousie around LJ over the next few days,lol. A few tips: pick up every single flower you see, buy the fishing pole asap, and go to the dig site every day until you start getting some real money. Also, buy and plant fruit trees as soon as you can afford them (especially banana). You can plant them at any time and dont need to be watered, but they will bring you the most money. Also, be sure to talk to/gift the scientist as much as possible (he loves eggs and stuff from the dig site) b/c he will give you a very valuable gift as the game progresses.
Jan. 3rd, 2005 10:00 am (UTC)
Whoa, I gotta print this stuff out! Thanks!

I am not sure when I am going to get started on the game. So many things to do! I have to hurry and look over my PaintShop Pro 8 Beginners 103 lesson this morning before I go to online class this afternoon. Then there is homework due by Friday.

I have a bunch of photos to edit (size down) and put up on my website. And there is always crocheting and knitting. :-D I haven't even gotten out my LuvCub yet to see what he is like--eep! And I still need to get plenty of rest to kick this cold.
Jan. 5th, 2005 12:29 am (UTC)
WOW busy lady!
Jan. 5th, 2005 03:14 am (UTC)
Heh. Busy spendin' money! LOL! Didn't spend much today (just ordinary errands), then took photos. Hope to get them up on the site in a few days--I am so far behind in editing and uploading!
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