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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

B. and I have been playing Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer since the release date of September 25th and are loving it!

However after about 2 weeks of game play, I lost everything to a Corrupt Save Data thing. Amazon refunded my money, I bought a new cartridge at GameStop, and I started the game again on October 12th.

Here are screenshots (an ongoing project!) of all the homes and facilities I have designed/created/landscaped! If you are playing the game also, please come visit and rate any you like. Let me know if you'd like me to visit your places and rate them too!

My Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Homes & Facilities

All the places

Trying to remember all the addresses (street numbers included) where I've lived back through the years. And then looking at the houses on Google maps, street view. That can be upsetting, so much has changed.

It's 11 addresses. The longest I have ever lived anywhere was from 1980-2012. The only street number I was iffy on was the last place Mama and I lived together, before she moved down to Florida, getting back together with Daddy, and me marrying B. in 1980.

Google maps is a time machine...

(ETA: Bwahahaha! Then add in trying to remember all your town layouts in every Animal Crossing game you've ever played. Keep in mind I had 4 (still have 1) different towns in the original GameCube AC: LarkRise, Happy, Tempus, and NeatTown. I have two AC: Wild World towns: Candlefd and Luisvill. B. and I had only one town in AC: City Folk: New_Hope. And I have only one town in AC: New Leaf: Fordlow. I am calling my town in AC: Happy Home Designer Maustown. Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival is a town/board game. I guess we'll have to name it at some point.)

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Medical update

Update on B.: he got through the parathyroid surgery just fine on Tuesday. He has some hoarseness, though, because of the intubation. I have a photo of the stitches; but I'm not going to post it, as it might weird some folks out. It's not bad. He'll be seeing the surgeon next Wednesday for the post-op follow-up visit. Please continue to do healing thoughts and prayers! Thank you, everyone!

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Requesting thoughts and prayers

Serious time: I would like your thoughts and prayers for B., my DH. He is having parathyroid surgery (which is removal of some/part of the tiny glands behind the thyroid gland, in your neck) on Tuesday, the 15th, at 9:30am. It is general anesthesia, but same-day surgery. I am hoping there will not be any excessive bleeding or anything untoward during and after. Also peaceful thoughts for us all, now and on beyond the surgery. Thank you, everyone!

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A little review and some pictures when Cat'r and I went to see Morrissey in concert Tuesday, June 30th! http://www.bookmice.net/fleur/diary108.html#morrissey

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Writing permanence online

Trying to decide where is the best place to post, where things will be the most permanent...as permanent as anything can be online. Cat'r says he'll keep B.'s and my web pages up forever (as long as *he* can)--and that's where my CountryMouse's Diary is. Then I have a permanent account at InsaneJournal. LiveJournal has a thing that if a loved one lets them know you've passed on, they lock your blog up and keep it forever. Twitter is totally ephemeral, and I'm wasting way too much time there. No one goes *back* to see what you've said. And there's here [Facebook], but it's not bloggy. So I'm thinking of spending more time on my own website again soon. http://www.bookmice.net/fleur/diaryindex.html Oh yeah, and I have to check on the permanence of YouTube, Flickr, and Instagram.

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Tamagotchi and Other Virtual Pets

I used to have soooo many virtual pets. I have a section of my website devoted to Tamagotchi and other VPs. I just looked to see what I have left: hardly anything! I feel so disappointed now, having given them away/sold them. I don't even remember what I did with them all. I now have a Tam1 and Tam2 (NA and Japanese--4 Tams), a Devilgotchi, a Santaclautch, an Osutchi and Mesutchi, a Mori no Tamagotchi, 2 Wave UFOs, a Yasashii Tam, a GigaPet (Oreo the mouse), and two MicroPets. That's ALL. My site: http://www.bookmice.net/fleur/tamapage.html

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Pens and inks!

Sorry no posts here, but I've been playing with fountain pens and writing in my paper diary, my gratitude journal, my fountain pen diary, my tarot journal, etc.

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Why Keep A Paper Journal?

Why am I keeping a paper journal? After I'm gone, what will happen to it/them? I enjoy nice paper and fountain pens and good ink. But what will that matter afterwards?

The weirdest thing is that I think my online journals might last longer. And be more permanent. And, well, be read by more people.

In times past, one's journal was probably never read by anyone else after one's death unless one happened to be famous or relatively so. Now, with online blogging/journaling, anyone's journal is out there, for anyone to read.

Is that good or bad? Probably good, if you want to feel remembered/not invisible/that your life meant *something*. And no matter what you say, however inane, you have an audience ... or one hopes so. You get feedback *now*.

So why keep a paper journal at all then? Just for the *now* enjoyment of ink-on-paper but not necessarily for any legacy or historical value?

I guess that even extends to: why do we do anything? We hope to be remembered, we hope to have made our mark before we leave. If you have children, you have a lot better chance of doing that. Or if you have a company or enterprise that will go on after you are gone. But for ordinary people, why keep track of the days? Why write things down? Who will see them later on anyway?

Some of this is rhetorical, but seriously, I am asking others' thoughts on this. Why do *you* keep a paper journal?

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To make a difference

Everyone hopes s/he does some good in the world. I received this entry in my guestbook, on my website, this morning. I am posting this because I don't ever want to forget this. Included is my reply:

From my Bravenet Guestbook:
October 6th 2014 01:07:18 AM
What is your name? Shaylyn
Where are you from? Canada
Please enter your comments:


I am a 19 year old Canadian girl who found your website by accident when I was first learning to use the internet as a child.

At the time I was a big fan of the Animal Crossing series (I still am) and somehow stumbled upon your Animal Crossing diaries. Your website quickly became a favourite of mine, and as a little girl, I greatly enjoyed reading about your adventures with stuffed animals and travelling and video games as those were things that I enjoyed as well. Knowing that there existed adults in the world who could freely collect fuzzy friends and play video games without worrying about being seen as childish had a huge influence on me growing up, and I became much more open about my interests in such things as a result. Yet somehow I lost track of your page as I got older, despite the lingering influence it had.

I am now a university student who proudly collects toys and plays Animal Crossing: New Leaf almost daily. Tonight I unexpectedly began to feel nostalgic for your journal, but after a bit of searching I once again managed to find you. I am happy to say that your website is just as sweet and comforting as I remember from my childhood. :)

I hope this doesn't seem too strange or creepy. I've refrained from including my email or blog - I don't want you to feel as though you are required to respond in any way. All the same, I wanted to thank you. I suppose you probably never expected your musings and photos to affect anyone, as most people don't, but this is me saying that you've definitely improved the life of at least one young girl out there.

You may not even read this, I suppose, as you now seem to use other social networking platforms instead. It seemed like the easiest way to possibly reach out to you though as I don't use many of the other sites you're on.

In short, thank you for your lovely website and I hope you continue to lead a lovely life.

CountryMouse (Joanna) says:

Thank you so much for leaving me this entry. You won't believe how much you have warmed my heart! I wish that you *had* left your email address or something, but I hope you see this instead. I still do collect stuffed animals and play video games and all those things. Sometimes they get sidelined by other hobbies, but never forgotten. Thank you again. One always hopes to make a difference in the world, even if in a minute way. You've made me very happy.

Posted on : 2014-10-06 08:10:44

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